I.A.T.S.E. Local 442


Steward Information


Job Stewards are the link between management and the Local. Stewards are given work calls by management and contact the Call Steward to fill those calls. The Steward makes sure those calls are filed and maintains the working crew list for any given call. The Steward insures that all working crew arrive on time, with proper tools, and have filled-out any paperwork required by management in order to work that day.

The Steward should be completely aware of all terms and conditions in the contract under which they are working.

During the work day the Steward ensures that workers abide by the terms of the contract and that contracted conditions are met by management. If disputes arise the Steward is the first point of contact and acts as referee. If the Steward is unable to resolve the conflict then the Business Agent should be contacted by the Steward. 

Obligations vary but the Steward is generally responsible for ensuring payroll is completed correctly.


Most employers have paper copies of these forms available for new employees but in the event that a Steward needs access to these forms they are available here.

Form W4- Employee's Withholding Certificate

Form I9- Employment Eligibility Verification

IATSE 442 Bylaws, Article I-

All Job Steward reports must be delivered to the Secretary & Treasurer no later than five (5) business days after the last payroll period of the month. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a $15.00 fine being levied against the Job Steward for each infraction. It is the Job Steward’s duty to accurately report on all Union working conditions done under their jurisdiction.


A Steward is required to complete a Steward Report form at the end of every work day (see Duties above). The Local uses these reports to keep track of workplace problems with personnel, the venue, and/or workplace conditions. Reports that show that nothing happened are still useful as they show that work was completed without issue and they also collect general payroll information useful to the Local. As of 2021 Local 442 moved to an online Google Form that can be filled-out from any device electronically. It would be wise to bookmark this form for easy access.

Stewards’s Report Form


A Steward’s job is to be knowledgeable of the contract under which they are working. Stagehands should come to the Steward when they believe that workplace conditions violate the terms of the contract. It is the Stewards job to settle minor disputes, to notify management of contract violations, and return to compliance or, in the case of management disagreement, to escalate matters to the Business Agent. Knowledge of the contract is of the utmost importance.


Many of our contracts obligate the Steward to verify payroll at the end of the workday. This varies. Read your contract to know your obligation.


Venue Stewards are required to fill-out a monthly Benefits Report. This is NOT electronic and must be filled out on paper. A copy of the form can be found here.

Benefits Report