I.A.T.S.E. Local 442


What’s the big deal? Why do I care?

The International is pushing to get everyone OSHA trained. Some of this is a general trend by employers to require safety certifications and in-part because Assembly Bill 1775 that went into effect in California January 1, 2023 requires vendors at state and county properties to supply OSHA trained workers.

The International is very much interested in creating a safer workforce and is willing to pay for the courses. In some jurisdictions these courses are required to work. This makes an OSHA trained person more eligible for work. Trained individuals are more aware of dangers in their workplace and are safer co-workers.

What does this mean to you?

You DO NOT need both OSHA10 and OSHA30. At the moment, none of our contracted venues requires this training. BUT, if we get a call to supply labor to a vendor servicing a state or county property we may only be able to send OSHA trained labor to the job. You want to be eligible.

The OSHA-10 safety training is a 7.5-10hr safety awareness course over two days covering general safety and health hazards for all workers. OSHA-30 is a 30hr course over 4 days providing in-depth, industry specific safety training. Current courses cover construction. IATSE is developing an entertainment industry version that will be available soon. Stewards, Department Heads, and Leads are encouraged to have OSHA-30 training. You do not need OSHA-10 training to take OSHA-30!

How do I get trained?

You can take an Entertainment based class led by an IATSE trainer, but you will need to make yourself available on preset dates. The current dates that are scheduled for the online entertainment version of OSHA 10 along with a link to an application can be found at the bottom of this web-page: https://www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/osha

You can take an online Construction-based class anytime through an OSHA approved trainer and get reimbursed up to $100 for OSHA 10 training. You can be reimbursed up to $175 for OSHA 30 training. For example only: 360Training is offering OSHA 10 General Industry or Construction for $59.

Here is information about OSHA 10/ OSHA 30 Course Reimbursement: https://www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/osha-online-course-reimbursement

Here are the steps:

1) Pick an OSHA approved class: https://www.osha.gov/training/outreach/training-providers

2) Pay for the class with your own money and KEEP A RECEIPT


4) Wait for the Department of Labor card, that shows you have the training, to arrive.

4) Download and save the fillable PDF form, fill it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and save your completed and signed form: https://www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/s/OSHA-Online-Course-Reimbursement-Application.pdf

5) Email the completed application and include a copy of your OSHA card and receipt to funding@iatsetrainingtrust.org.

6) Reimbursement will arrive in 4-6 weeks

NOTE: If you want to take OSHA 30 and have the time, take that class. OSHA 30 is more detailed (3x longer!) and encompasses OSHA 10. You do not need both. AB1775 has a requirement that department heads (leads/ supervisors) have OSHA 30. It's a bit grey right now. Talk to our Business Agent about the likelihood of needing that level of training. Get out there and get trained. It's really going to help keep us in these state/county jobs.


You must be an IATSE TTF Beneficiary to be eligible for these sponsored courses. A TTF Beneficiary is an individual who is an active IATSE member or is working under an IATSE agreement.